"Clean Energy Saves Lives"
PSR's Campaign for the Clean Power Plan

Let's make climate change an issue in the presidential primaries!

It's time to get the presidential candidates talking about climate change! Here's how you can help:

The PA primary is April 26.  In the weeks before the vote, go to a town hall, debate or other candidate event in your community. Take with you one of PSR's pre-written questions about climate change, and as soon as the Q&A period opens, be one of the first to pose your question.

Choose one of these proposed questions, or feel free to develop your own:

  1. Here in [locale or Pennsylvania], we've seen a lot of weird and dangerous weather over the past year: [select and adapt as appropriate] record-setting snowfall/debilitating droughts/ heavy storms and flooding/record-breaking heat last summer/too many intense storms. Climate change increases the likelihood of these dangerous events. If elected, what policies will you promote to protect the American people from health-threatening climate change?
  2. Clean energy sources like solar and wind are getting more affordable, they don't pollute the air or increase climate change, and they provide good jobs that can't be off-shored. What will you do if elected to expand our nation's use of clean energy and energy efficiency?
  3. [For climate deniers] Over ninety-seven percent of climate scientists believe that climate change is happening and that human activity is the major cause. That's more than nine out of ten. If nine out of ten doctors told me I had a serious health issue and needed to take action, I'd listen. Why aren't you listening to 97% of climate scientists and taking action to protect us from climate change?


This is the first action of National PSR's Clean Energy Saves Lives campaign. Join with others to get climate change into the presidential race! 


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